Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology is the full title of the medical specialty that covers a vast spectrum of pathology. This includes the whole skeleton, but not just the bones. It also deals with joints, tendons, muscles, nerves and peripheral arteries and veins. An alternative name for this specialty (and the title of its most famous journal) is Bone and Joint Surgery.

Orthopedics in primary care covers the whole pathology of the musculoskeletal system. The orthopedic surgeon must always keep in mind that many other diseases and underlying causes may potentially mimic musculoskeletal symptomatology.

A modern, well-organized orthopedic clinic must address every case diagnostically and therapeutically.
Using the Achilles Insight Ultrasound unit, manufactured by General Electric, an accurate estimate of bone strength can be made and osteoporosis treatment potentially administered when relevant symptoms are detected. Detailed patient medical history guarantees the proper and successful follow up for patients suffering from bone metabolic diseases.

Using the Foot Analysis Platform, manufactured by Comex, a complete stance and gait analysis can be performed and may be used via especially manufactured orthotics.

Using the LogicBook Diagnostic Ultrasound unit, manufactured by General Electric, most pathologic conditions of the musculoskeletal system may be properly investigated, while the patient is still in the clinic. The proper use of on-site ultrasound imaging is not for diagnosis but for confirmation of the clinical diagnosis, already formulated by detailed clinical examination and history taking. Added advantage of ultrasound imaging is the possibility for guided puncture of a Baker cyst or image guided intra-articular injections of the hip.

Minor surgical procedures as well as conservative fracture treatment using synthetic plaster (Scotchcast, 3M) are routinely performed.

Still the main reason for addressing an orthopedic surgeon is Pain. Successful Pain management is the goal and conservative procedures must be thoroughly used before seeking surgery. Acupuncture, whether Traditional Chinese or Western Biomedical, can be a successful add-on for pain management and its value has now been established through evidence-based studies, that acknowledge pain relief and substantial improvement in movement.